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ConnectVA Spotlight: Rex McCoy, project:HOMES

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Rex McCoy and I am the Weatherization Crew Leader at project:HOMES. I bring 26 years of construction experience to project:HOMES, and am a master tradesman of ten different trades.

ABOVE: A clip about the Weatherization Program from project:HOMES in partnership with Dominion EnergyShare.

What is the focus of your work and the need you are addressing?

project:HOMES is a 501(c)(3) housing nonprofit serving Central Virginia, and expanding to include areas in the Tidewater region. We offer comprehensive services that serve through the following programs:

  • Revitalization program that builds affordable housing to revitalize historic neighborhoods
  • Rehabilitation program that repair existing homes to preserve affordability
  • Renew Crew volunteer program that improves the safety and accessibility of existing houses through accessibility modifications
  • Weatherization programs that improve the energy efficiency of existing homes

As part of the Weatherization team, I provide energy efficiency improvements to cost-burdened households. A big part of what I do is educating homeowners on energy conservation techniques and home maintenance.

The work we provide increases the efficiency of a home, conserves energy resources, and provides savings to homeowners on their energy bills. Our goal is to increase the overall health of a home and the comfort of our clients.


What do you find most rewarding about your work?

The most rewarding thing about my work is the positive impact it has on the people we serve. I’m proud of the quality of work my team & I provide every day.


What would someone be surprised to know about your organization?

There is so much paperwork and certifications that go into serving one home! A lot of tests, reports, and overall paperwork are required before actual work can begin on a client’s home. Also, Weatherization staff have numerous qualifications and certifications required to complete our critical services.

ABOVE: This summer project:HOMES built a house in only 5 days with partners Philip Morris!

Do you have any interesting initiatives or programs on the horizon?

I am helping lead our efforts to strengthen our presence in rural communities like Amelia and Charles City. We are reaching out to local government leaders to discuss how to best meet area residents’ needs. Additionally, we are partnering with area organizations like Senior Connections to identify individuals and families in rural areas in need of services.


Is your organization involved in any exciting collaborations or partnerships?

Over the past few years we have had the opportunity to partner with Dominion Energy’s utility programs. At the end of the month we are completing an exciting project made possible through Dominion Energy’s support and volunteers for the McShin Foundation.  We are highlighting this project as a part of our year-long 25th anniversary celebrations. Visit www.projecthomes.org/25th-anniversary for a complete list of events.


How are you leveraging ConnectVA/The Community Foundation to achieve your mission?

The Community Foundation is a generous supporter of project:HOMES’ programs and services. ConnectVA has played a vital role in recruiting some of our staff, and is a resource for staying connected to local nonprofit news and events.

 Anything else you would like to share?

It’s a pleasure working at project:HOMES and with the people here.

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