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ConnectVA Event Recap: Selecting Content for Social Media

Yesterday?s Tech Club Clinic on Selecting Content for Social Media with Chris Busse, Sublimata focused on a simple strategic planning process for creating and posting the most relevant and engaging social media content for your audience. Chris outlines basic steps to get your organization started:

1.       Set your goals

2.       Know who you need to reach to achieve your first goal

3.       Know which platforms those people are active on

4.       Learn what content those people will engage with

5.       Understand the context in which they are engaging

6.       Determine your measurement framework

7.       Rinse and repeat!

Planning and organizing is essential. One of the easiest and most effective tools for helping create and manage social media content is an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar maps out what kind of topics, formats and media you will use in a given timeframe, whether a week, month or more.

Once you start posting different kinds of content, you should test and learn which kinds are the most successful. This should be a team effort, and a number of online tools are available to measure engagement.

Thanks again to Chris for leading our clinic and to all those who attended. Please check out the rest of our clinics in the ConnectVA 501 Tech Club Nonprofit Technology Series.

?You do not have fans or followers. You have an audience of people who have given you permission to talk to them on a trial basis.?

– Chris Busse, Sublimata

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