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Business User Spotlight: Margaret Corwin, Corwin Company LLC

Get to know Margaret Corwin with Corwin Company LLC this week’s Business User Spotlight!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Although I?ve held positions in several different industries, my work has always included helping people understand benefits. Now I am making health insurance benefits my sole focus. During the 13 years I spent as a self-employed consultant, I had to purchase my own insurance so I have experienced health insurance from the individual side as well as from the plan administrator perspective.

The Affordable Care Act created opportunities as well as complexities. My goal is to help nonprofits, their staff and their constituents navigate the changed benefit landscape.

How does your work serve the nonprofit sector?

This is a time of change; nonprofits need to learn about new health insurance alternatives. This is particularly true for organizations with fewer than 50 full time employees. I am educating people and helping them analyze the available options. Once people get their questions answered, the way forward becomes clearer. The goal is for decision makers to understand the choices and related outcomes.

How does your work support ConnectVA?s mission?

Educating nonprofits about health insurance alternatives allows decision makers to utilize funding in the best way possible. Understanding benefit costs is critical to expense planning. The hope is that health insurance trends will become more predictable as the new plans get established.  There is also a need to reach out and educate individuals in the community. We can work together to get information and answers to these underserved populations.


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