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About Us

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ConnectVA is a service of The Community Foundation. It is designed to be a virtual nonprofit and civic hub that provides information-sharing tools and resources to empower individuals, advance organizations and strengthen community. We envision a strong nonprofit community working successfully in cross-sector collaborations and contributing to a thriving region.

What we do:

ConnectVA is one way The Community Foundation provides resources, tools and information that:

  • Empower individuals to take personal action to improve themselves, their organizations and their community
  • Advance organizations’ efficiency and effectiveness through awareness and access to knowledge and resources that enables greater regional impact
  • Strengthen community through positive, sustainable change leading to a higher quality of life for all residents.


Why We Do It:

Cohesive efforts are vital to community change; all sectors — nonprofits organizations, businesses, government and others — are essential. We strive to:

  • Build bridges between nonprofits, businesses, and government leading to improved organizational communication both within and across the sectors.
  • Guide residents to opportunities for civic engagement leading to increased engagement in the community.
  • Share resources that increase organizational capacity and promote awareness of local issues in the nonprofit community leading to enhanced access and use of credible nonprofits information and opportunities.


How We Do It:

ConnectVA focuses on powering nonprofit advancement and strengthening the social sector through Technology & Innovation, Collaboration & Action, and Public Engagement.

ConnectVA provides nonprofits, businesses and other civic-minded members of the community online tools and resources, as well as offline programs.


Who We Are:

The Community Foundation is dedicated to making the Richmond region a better place through bold solutions and inspired philanthropy. In 2016, ConnectVA became a service offering of the Foundation, further strengthening our ability to deliver on our mission by providing nonprofit partners with tools they need to succeed. We offer services you value – jobs, training, events calendar, items, and message boards. You can connect with other users, organizations and businesses as well as nonprofit resources and information across Central Virginia.

ConnectVA continues as a nonprofit and civic hub that provides information-sharing tools and resources to empower individuals, advance organizations, and strengthen community. If you are a new user registering on the system, please visit our Help page for more information on this or Contact Us with specific questions.

Catalyst Council members:

Funding History

ConnectVA is made possible because of the investment of the following funders who have supported the Connect system throughout the years since its inception in 2001: The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond Memorial Health Foundation, Jessie Ball duPont Fund, The Cameron Foundation, Jackson Foundation, Cabell Foundation, Knight Foundation, John Randolph Foundation, Altria Client Services, Inc., Dominion, McGuire Woods, First Market, and University of Richmond.

Special thanks to Genworth Financial and the Genworth Foundation who invested in building the current version of the ConnectVA system.

ConnectVA Press Releases & Media Alerts

ConnectVA Launches

Job Finder:

ConnectVA charges $55 per job posting per month. Job postings expire after 30 days and can be renewed upon expiration. This nominal amount helps ConnectVA continue to provide the Job Finder and our other valuable services to nonprofit organizations like yours. We are the “go to” place for nonprofits jobs in the region and are committed to helping your organization find the professional expertise and talent needed


Message Board (Email Groups):

We know that our email groups have become an indispensable means of communication for the Connect community. We also know that they could use improvement so that messages are easier to send, approve and read. That is why ConnectVA now features the new Message Board that’s more visually appealing, easy-to-use and eliminates the need for a moderator! Learn more.


Business Directory:

Nonprofits searching for businesses and consultants who provide services to nonprofits are now able to search the ConnectVA Business Directory. Businesses who provide services to nonprofits can register for a listing in the ConnectVA Business Directory. There are two levels of business listings, free basic and fee premium – learn more.

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