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5 Social Media Strategies to Transform Your Nonprofit

Check out this list of social media tips from IdeaEncore and 4Good, which power the ConnectVA KnowledgeCenter. Is your nonprofit already employing any of these strategies? Read through the list and join the discussion with your answers to the questions at the end of the post!

5 Social Media Strategies to Transform Your Nonprofit

Go beyond the ?like? and use these resources shared on IdeaEncore to give your nonprofit a boost in the digital era.

1. Try a new social network. You don’t need to be on every social network, but it’s helpful to experiment with different sites to see which work best for your mission and audience. If you’ve been curious about Pinterest, read Clairification’s Pinterest ?Hop on the Boards? eBook and Pinteresting Resources Guide – Everything You Need to Drive Traffic + Engage Supporters.

2. Find out more about your supporters and potential supporters. People and organizations share a lot about themselves on social media. Use this information to help inform effective fundraising strategies, with Adept Diva Consulting’s Social Media and Grantwriting: How to Find and Mine Gems of Information.

3. Build your email list through social media. Join John Haydon of Inbound Zombie on September 25th at 3:00 pm for Seven Powerful Ways to Build Your Email List with Facebook to learn how.

4. Most social media feels too abridged for you? Start a blog to talk about your organization and your mission. Free blogging platforms, like Tumblr and Blogger, offer the community of social media with longer form posting. Learn more with Pushing Social’s Blogging 101.

5. Use social media to raise money. You probably already know that you should integrate social media into your fundraising strategy, but do you know how? Let Emily Davis and Associates Consulting’s presentation Social Media as a Fundraising Tool guide you through using blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to raise money.

Click here to read the original post from 4Good and IdeaEncore which includes more resources and webinars.

Which new social media platforms are you trying? How did you choose which ones to use for your nonprofit? How are you using social media for fundraising or in other unique ways? Sign in to comment below!

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