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2018 Course Catalog is Live: What You Need to Know

The wait is over. You may now register for classes scheduled for the early part of 2018. Before you get started, we hope you will read this blog to better understand our philosophy and values, as well as some new elements of our programming. We hope you share our excitement for the year ahead and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Continuous Learning

In 1998, The Community Foundation was a co-collaborator and co-investor in the creation of Especially for Nonprofits, a program designed to meet the unique professional development needs of our local nonprofit sector. It quickly became an important resource for those working for, or on behalf of, community based organizations. Over the years, the program has evolved – in name, content and format – in response to changing dynamics in our community, as well as input and insight from course participants, nonprofit leaders and education professionals.

What remains consistent is our belief that strong, skilled leaders – regardless of position or tenure – are essential in building strong, sustainable organizations and a healthy, thriving community. We will continue to help nonprofit staff, boards and volunteers build knowledge and skills through affordable, high quality learning events. Through diverse programming and partnerships, the sector can bring greater efficiency and effectiveness to its mission-driven work.


In creating and promoting curriculum for the sector, we always strive to connect learners to industry-leading subject matter experts as our facilitators and instructors. Together, our goal is to provide you with current and compelling insights, information and tools that can be applied to your work immediately.

2018 Emerging Nonprofit Leaders Kickoff

2018 Emerging Nonprofit Leaders Kickoff

Program Focus

The Community Foundation develops programming that centers around professional learning and leadership development. In 2018, learning events and associated content will place greater emphasis on supporting individuals in leadership roles such as managers, executives and board members.

Currently in its 11th year, the Emerging Nonprofit Leadership Program (ENLP) will continue to create a highly-networked sector where up-and-coming leaders are connected to learning, organizational best practices and professional peers in the field. We are especially proud of the opportunity to help build confidence and capacity among the next generation of leaders as more of our seasoned professionals retire. Building on the strong curriculum already in place, we have added the Birkman method for personality assessment and targeted discussions on social innovation and what it means to lead through a diversity and inclusion lens.

Important Change – For many years, the Stettinius Awards for Nonprofit Leadership have recognized Richmond’s outstanding nonprofit leaders with stipends to pursue professional development opportunities of their own choosing. This year, the program is changing. Previously, individuals would apply through an involved process that included a personal narrative, recommendations and an interview. Going forward, the Stettinius Fund for Nonprofit Leadership instead will be used to support nonprofits wishing to send two or more members of their leadership team to a management or leadership training. They will apply through The Community Foundation’s existing capacity building grant program. The motivation for this change is to benefit more people through a simpler process.

Format Variety

We have been listening to you and your desire to see more convening and a greater variety of learning formats. In the coming months, you will begin to see additional events on the calendar that expand beyond our traditional instructor-led trainings. We are committed to bringing you more networking opportunities, timely discussions on emerging topics, and special events such as celebrations and visiting speakers.

Our new learning platform is also built to support self-led online courses, which is a format we hope to offer later this year. If you have ideas about what you would like to see, we encourage you to contact us anytime at training@tcfrichmond.org.


We have assessed the current learning landscape in the Greater Richmond region and celebrate the large network of qualified individuals and institutions providing professional development to the nonprofit sector. This has given us the opportunity to add focus to our own offerings, but it also reinforces our commitment to collaboration. We are excited to partner with those who are specialists in their fields and who offer in-depth offerings. Sometimes we will co-host learning events and other times we will directly connect you to their offerings. Collectively, we remain committed to being responsive to your needs and we welcome your feedback anytime.

User Experience

Just as our programming continues to evolve, so too does our technology. Above all else, we want to ensure that you have a positive, meaningful experience as you pursue your learning and leadership goals.

We are excited to launch a new learning platform. The Learning Center is an extension of ConnectVA.org, which is a comprehensive online resource for nonprofits seeking resources to advance their mission-driven work. You can access both with your ConnectVA login and password. Within the Learning Center, you can now manage all parts of your learning experience within the system – from registering for courses that interest you, to tracking your progress, to downloading copies of your receipts. The system has many more bells and whistles that we hope to roll out later this year.

If you are not already a registered user of ConnectVA.org, this is your first step! Once registered, you will begin to receive ConnectVA e-newsletters and announcements, which will keep you abreast of the latest news, events and job postings in our sector. You may update your email preferences for these without affecting course-specific communications.

Lastly, we encourage you to share your ideas, compliments, and concerns. Also, if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us at training@tcfrichmond.org.

Register for Classes

Here are a few pointers to get you started in the new learning platform, hosted on ConnectVA.org:

  1. Go to ConnectVA.org and register/login
    • Registered users – Login with your existing email and password. Please use the password reset option if required and check email folders for a reset link.
    • New users – Register by entering your first name, last name and email. Then set your own password and save it somewhere safe for future reference.
    • To complete your full profile, open your personal navigation menu from the left side of the page and click on “Go to your profile.”
  2. Proceed to the Learning Center (under Learn tab)
  3. View the Course Catalog
  4. Click “Get this Course” to register and/or pay for your selection.
    • Upon completing your registration, you will receive an e-mail confirmation.
    • You may also go to “My Courses” to view a list of courses for which you are registered.
    • To download a copy of your receipt, go to “My Payments” and click on the download icon.

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