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2013 Amazing Raise Close-Up: Southside

The Amazing Raise is a 36-hour give-a-thon that kicks off at 6 a.m. on Wednesday, September 18 and goes through 6 p.m. on Thursday, September 19. Here is a little of what folks in Southside are planning in advance of this big giving event!

Barbara Mait of Rebuilding Together * Tri-Cities and Chana Ramsey of The James House, toast each other in advance of their upcoming Amazing Raise activities.

“The Amazing Raise is about encouraging philanthropy in the Southside region and incentivising organizations like ours to engage a new generation of donors.”

What are you most excited about this year?

  • We are excited to get more people invested in our missions and ultimately in strengthening our community. 
  • We’re excited to be collaborating with each other through friendly competition and cross-sector partnerships with local businesses. 
  • We love finding new, creative ways to reach people – and the Amazing Raise offers endless opportunities (and financial incentives!) to do that. 

How are you staying creative and competitive?

This year, The James House and Rebuilding Together*Tri-Cities are introducing a social media campaign that features a real-time stream of pictures and updates from our supporters who are the real heroes of the Amazing Raise (through a partnership by local business S&B Designs). It has been a lot of fun getting our supporters involved in the process.

We’re also teaming up to offer an in-person, after-hours competition event. A local restaurant has agreed to host our Primetime Showdown between our organizations to see who can sell the most signature cocktails while also encouraging our supporters to donate toward a predetermined bonus prize. The winner of the Primetime Showdown will be announced during a Countdown Party held at The Cameron Foundation’s Donor Lounge the following evening.

What does the Amazing Raise mean to you?

It’s a wonderful opportunity to increase awareness of the good work of our nonprofits as well as encourage philanthropy in the Southside region. We want to get our community involved, and the Amazing Raise offers an exciting and easy way for residents in the Tri-Cities to get engaged and give back. 

Share with us what you’re planning this year to stay creative and competitive as well as what the Amazing Raise means to you by commenting below!

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